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OpenGL vs. Vulkan ist gleich DirectX11 vs. DirectX12. AMD hat bekannt miserable OpenGL Treiber, Vulkan ist eine neuere, und eben bessere API In openGL kann ich in 4k alles aufreißen (auch 8TSAA) und es sind rocksolid 60fps. Mit Vulkan gibts vor allem beim volumetric Nebel ruckler oder jedenfalls spürbare fps dips Opengl isn't going anywhere on the platform anymore past 3.2, Vulkan support is really needed for mobile. Doom 2016 and Eternal use Vulkan on a 5 year old mobile chipset (Nintendo Switch) and get 30fps solid Figured it out - So Vulkan gave me on my PC 200 fps with very little loss and ran smoother, OpenGL gave me 100 - 120 fps going up and down and running rough, but we all have different PC so yeah, anyways DOOOOOOOOOOM 1 View Entire Discussion (1 Comments Vulkan is more to make dev's lives easier than for the players. OpenGL has a bunch of outdated legacy tech that developers have to unnecessarily sail through to make the graphics, Vulkan is modern. You will be fine either way, as long as your video card supports Vulkan

Doom OpenGL VS Vulkan Graphics Performance Analysis eTekni

Cards Used - Asus GTX 1080 Founders EditionCPU - Skylake 6700KDoom Vulkan Vs OpenGL Pascal GTX 1080 Frame Rate Compariso About one year ago OpenGL was better but nowadays I get around 5-10 FPS more with Vulkan. The only drawback is that DOOM dies if I alt-tab. The only drawback is that DOOM dies if I alt-tab. #1 Doom Vulkan Vs OpenGL Pascal GTX 1050 Frame Rate Comparisonsupport me her: https://www.patreon.com/globalgamesPlease Don't forget to like and subscribe to my.. Vulkan should behave better on AMD Radeon hardware as their OpenGL drivers are of very poor quality - and mostly dysfunctional, really. That isn't to say the game won't run on them, it will... but the performance will be substantially better with Vulkan

AMD cards have native support for Vulcan due to Async compute. This is what gives them huge performance boost for AMD cards when switching to Vulcan. With my previous RX480, switching to Vulcan gave me at least 30-40+ fps. Where my average FPS In Opengl was 80 (at nightmare settigs) while on Vulcan it would have hovered around 100-120 DOOM: Vulkan vs OpenGL Benchmark - The tide turning in AMD's favour? - YouTube Doom OpenGL VS Vulkan Graphics Performance Analysis. John Williamson / 5 years ago. « Previous Page. 1. Introduction 2. Test Systems and Procedures 3. Doom - 1080p, 1440p and 4K OpenGL Benchmarks.

Cheap Game Keyshttps://www.cdkeys.com/?mw_aref=Bang4BuckDoom has finally released it's Vulkan API support and I was very interested to see if this helped in. r/Doom: Everything related to the hit action-horror series DOOM, by id software. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Log in sign up. User account menu. 1. OpenGL vs Vulcan. Close. 1. Posted by 1 year ago. Archived. OpenGL vs Vulcan. I have no clue which i should use. I got an i5 4690k and a gtx 980 ti from msi and 16 gb ddr3 ram. Anyone. Doom OpenGL VS Vulkan Graphics Performance Analysis. 104 shares; Share; Share; Print; E-mail ; Reddit; John Williamson / 5 years ago « Previous Page. Next Page » Test Systems and Procedures.

Doom + Vulkan doesn't really change the overall perspective on the market; it's just one game, and there are plenty of games that continue to favor Nvidia's hardware. But if every game started to. Under OpenGL, Nvidia was the undisputed champion at Doom, but Vulkan tilts the scales to generally favor AMD hardware—at least in terms of a bang for the buck. On the next page: What this tells us..

DOOM Vulkan 1.0.65 vs OpenGL 4.6 FPS Comparison 1080p ..

Doom OpenGL VS Vulkan Graphics Performance Analysis. 104 shares; Share; Share ; Print; E-mail; Reddit; John Williamson / 5 years ago « Previous Page. Next Page » Doom - 1080p, 1440p and 4K API. Vulkan vs OpenGL in DOOM 2016 Is No Contest. Keith Mitchell. July 11, 2016. Gaming News, Hardware, News. Share Tweet Email reddit . When IDsoftware and Vulkan claimed that there would be at least a 25-27% increase in framerate in DOOM 2016, I wasn't sure if it would be possible. We all saw the performance gains when they showed off DOOM running off the Vulkan API a few months ago. And sure.

DOOM (2016): OpenGL vs

  1. 1440p DOOM Vulkan vs. OpenGL Benchmark - GTX 1080, RX 480, GTX 970. 1440p shows a 5% increase for the GTX 1080 - a big drop in gains from 1080p, but one which scales with increased workload on.
  2. Vulkan is 10x better with high end Nvidia cards iv come to find. i have a very simillar setup, 1070 FTW i5 3570k and vulkan ROCKS That's wrong. More like 10% better for a gtx 1080. 6% for a gtx 1070. Vulkan does thread better though. With that older Ivy Bridge CPU, the better threading may negate the IPC disadvantage, resulting in a larger than expected improvement
  3. Doom: Vulkan macht die Hölle schneller. Höhere Bildrate dank neuer Schnittstelle: id Softwares Doom unterstützt mit dem zweiten Patch das Vulkan-API.Davon profitieren AMD- und Nvidia.
  4. DOOM MSI GTX 1060 Vulkan vs OpenGL Frame Rate Benchmarks. Written by Jon Sutton on 20 July 2016 at 12:00 . PC Performance Tools. System Requirements . Optimum 1080p PC Build . Low vs Ultra.

That is why switching from OpenGL to Vulkan has less performance benefit (and some cases, even a performance drop). In my case, I have a laptop with a Nvidia GT 840M and my average framerate is slightly higher in OpenGL but Vulkan has more stable framerate. AMD on the other hand has good Vulkan and DX12 performance but worse performance on older APIs (all OpenGL versions and also DX11 and. 1440p DOOM Vulkan vs. OpenGL Benchmark - GTX 1080, RX 480, GTX 970. 1440p shows a 5% increase for the GTX 1080 - a big drop in gains from 1080p, but one which scales with increased workload on. Doom - 1080p, 1440p and 4K OpenGL Benchmarks When paired with a 1920×1080, Doom doesn't really pose a problem for modern graphics cards even on lower-tiered products like the GTX 960 2GB Gzdoom OpenGL or Vulkan? Classic Doom. Close. 4. Posted by 4 months ago. Gzdoom OpenGL or Vulkan? Classic Doom. I'm just messing around with some mods for Doom 2 and saw this option in Gzdoom. I'm not familiar with it at all but which one should I use? I have a 1080ti if that makes a difference. 3 comments. share. save. hide . report. 83% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In.

Vulkan besser als OpenGL? Massiv mehr FPS in DOOM

taking a look a DOOM OpenGL vs Vulkan feat GTX970 taking a look a DOOM OpenGL vs Vulkan feat GTX970. By zMeul July 28, 2016 in Graphics Cards. doom; opengl; vulkan; Share Followers 2. zMeul ; Banned · 11,194 posts; 11,194 posts; Location: Buzau, Romania; Posted July 28, 2016 (edited) if you are not aware, id has updated DOOM Demo with support for the Vulkan API https://steamcommunity.com. Doom supports Vulkan, performance 120FPS+ vs 50FPS of OpenGL. Doom (2016) Close. 55. Posted by 4 years ago. Archived. Doom supports Vulkan, performance 120FPS+ vs 50FPS of OpenGL . kotaku.com.au/2016/... Doom (2016) 43 comments. share. save. hide. report. 90% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best. View discussions in 3 other. Vulkan's very C-like / OpenGL-like in superficial structure (the look and feel of the API calls, et cetera. It is, however, better typed (in that not everything is a bare int; there are relevant typedefs and so on). It is much lower-level than OpenGL. One can expect a jump in operational setup and complexity between OpenGL and Vulkan as was seen in the D3D9 to D3D10 transition, which exposed a. Directx vs OpenGL vs Vulkan API Which is Better Overall?:- A gamer plays a game well, but game development appears a tricky thing to them because of so many things in it. When it comes to development for consoles, developers have single hardware for a particular brand (PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox, etc): single processor, single graphics card, a particular or same memory, same control input. Vulkan - zunächst Next Generation OpenGL oder glNext genannt - bezeichnet eine Computergrafik-Programmierschnittstelle, die quelloffen ist und auf die Entwicklung plattformübergreifender Anwendungen mit dem Schwerpunkt auf 2D- und 3D-Grafik zielt. Mit der Arbeit an der Schnittstelle wird mehr Rechenleistung durch hardwarenähere Programmierung als bei OpenGL erzielt

Doom - Doom OpenGL vs Vulkan ComputerBase Foru

This benchmark of DOOM's Vulkan vs. OpenGL performance measures FPS, frametimes, and scaling on the RX 480, GTX 1080, and GTX 970 SSC (overclocked) Doom (OpenGl vs Vulkan (vs DX geht ja nicht oder ?) Dota2 (DX vs openGL vs Vulkan) Iscaran. D. DieWahrheit Lt. Junior Grade. Dabei seit Juni 2016 Beiträge 260. 12. Juli 2016 #148 Zitat von derbe.

DOOM MSI GTX 1060 Vulkan vs OpenGL Frame Rate Benchmarks. Written by Jon Sutton on 20 July 2016 at 12:00 . PC Performance Tools. System Requirements . Optimum 1080p PC Build . Low vs Ultra. <p>This is done by finding the 97 percentile (the value where 97 percent of frames render faster, using the frame times) and then selecting the remaining three percent of frames and finding their average fps (total number of frames divided by seconds). This time the range is more like 15-25 percent, for both average and minimum fps, but the fact that Vulkan is giving the GPUs any help at all. Doom 2016 Vulkan vs OpenGL on SteamOS & Windows - YouTube Aber es gibt halt immernoch weniger Treiber für Geräte unter Linux, als unter Windows. Das wird sich auch nicht ändern, solange nicht. eTeknix checked out the Doom OpenGL VS Vulkan Graphics Performance Analysis. After a long hiatus, Doom has finally been rebooted and the latest entry received overwhelmingly positive reviews from both consumers and professional critics. Initially, there was some concern since the press embargo didn't lift until lau. Over the weekend, Bethesda shipped the much awaited update to DOOM which can now take advantage of the Vulkan API. A performance investigation by ComputerBase.de comparing the game's Vulkan renderer to its default OpenGL renderer reveals that Vulkan benefits AMD GPUs far more than it does to NVIDIA ones. At 2560 x 1440, an AMD Radeon R9 Fury.

OpenGL or Vulkan? - Doom General - Doomworl

John over at eTeknix does a deep dive on OpenGL and Vulkan in DOOM. For what it is worth, we had a hell of time too getting PresentMon to work with DOOM, but finally figured out the hoops we needed to jump through. He also covers a large group of GPUs from GTX 1080 and Fury X down to 380X and 960. For it is worth, it looks like his data lines up with ours that we have been seeing in GPU. Phoronix: OpenGL vs. Vulkan On The AMD Ryzen 3 We have previously looked at Vulkan vs. OpenGL Linux game CPU core scaling and Linux game scaling across multiple CPUs but at the time did not have a Ryzen 3 system. Now having Ryzen 3 Linux box, here is a look at how the Vulkan versus OpenGL performance compares on the low-end processor. As well. The PC version of the Doom 2016 reboot finally has the Vulkan API update we've been waiting for. Everyone's a winner in terms of higher performance but for AMD owners in particular, there are some. On the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Vulkan is 22% faster than DX11. Assassin's Creed : le prochain épisode en Chine ? I ran this benchmark on my test bench and found that the averages were actually quite similar, but the minimums and maximum FPS were much better running with Vulkan. Afaik Vulkan was funded by AMD and it worked better on AMD early on but the whole point of it was to be an open api. At. Vulkan vs OpenGL ES на Android: почувствуйте разницу | Gadgets gadgets-news.ru. 11 авг 2015 Vulkan vs OpenGL ES на Android: почувствуйте разницу достоинством низкоуровнего API Vulkan является прямой доступ к аппаратным.

How Much Does DX12 REALLY Improve Performance? | DirectX

DOOM benefits greatly from Vulkan - Vulkan versus OpenGL Performance Comparison July 11, 2016 John Papadopoulos 127 Comments id Software has just released a new patch for DOOM that adds support. I am running two 1800s oc to 2ghz/5.4ghz memory and in Doom using the Vulkan API at 4k I get 75 fps. With opengl I get 90 fps at the exact same area. I know vulkan is supposed to be more of an AMD benefiting thing but is anyone else experiencing this? If you guys want to try the new vulkan api you go to the Advanced option in the game and it is.

DOOM released globally to critical acclaim on May 13 th with OpenGL® support and today the studio announced that Vulkan™ support is now live.. DOOM - the brutally fun and challenging modern-day shooter experience - was developed at id Software, the studio that pioneered the first-person shooter genre. As many of you already know, the Vulkan™ API is a descendant of AMD's Mantle that. @Vulkan Eher interessant für die die bisher auf OpenGL setzen. Die Grafik von DOOM passt auch in etwa zu den FPS in Vulkan. Das Spiel sieht in meinen Augen deutlich schlechter aus als zb.

They also don't tend to support textures that aren't power of two, which is a problem for Doom. dpJudas Joined: 28 May 2016. Top. Re: GLOVE: GL Over Vulkan. by Graf Zahl » Thu Dec 05, 2019 5:04 pm . OpenGL ES 2.0 means this is a dead end - it's yesterday's technology that's far behind GZDoom's minimum requirement. If they had at least chosen GLES 3.0 or 3.1 it might be interesting, but it. What does the new API mean for graphics performance? When Doom showed up back in May, I ran a bunch of benchmarks to see how it performed.. Dota 2 unterstützt nun die Vulkan-API. ComputerBase hat erste Benchmarks auf einer GeForce GTX 980 Ti und einer Radeon R9 Fury X angefertigt If a Vega card looks as sexy as that engine, I'll take two. It's hilarious that they only used old blocks all with 100K already on the odometer, then they aged them even more reportedly by pissing on them lol. That m10 block started life in a slug

Vulkan or OpenGL, it's your choice. id Software's new Doom now supports the Vulkan graphics API on Windows PC, which can mean a pretty big boost to the game's max frame rate, if your. Doom benchmarks return: Vulkan vs . Fazit: Doom 2016 - OpenGL versus Vulkan-Benchmarks. 0 48 0 5 17,99 € Fazit der Redaktion. 13 Doom - Technik Check - Bilder ansehen. Nils Raettig: DirectX 12 hat mich bislang nur bedingt. What is the difference between OpenGL and Vulkan? OpenGL stands for 'Open Graphics Library' which is actually a cross-language, cross-platform API for rendering 2D and 3D. Vulkan vs. OpenGL ES in Unity: Reduzierter Energieverbrauch im Video demonstriert 03.04.2017 um 17:30 Uhr von Thilo Bayer - Das Video zeigt, wie Vulkan im Vergleich zu OpenGL ES zwischen 10 und 12. Vulkan does amazing actually, the results show that Vulkan more than triples the FPS compared to OpenGL ES 3.1. There are a few reasons to why this is. First, it may be hard to see in the picture.

<p>1000-1700MHz. It has a quick fix that gives it some preemptive thinking that helps it with async stuff but not the same way the hardware async allows amd cards to have a bigger increase. For me OpenGL runs smoother, with Vulkan there is much stutter even when the Fps counter shows steady 60 Fps. </p> <p>People keep saying this but the truth is the DX11/OpenGL API sucks for exposing the. Directx vs OpenGL (Vulkan) API Which is Better Overall? Minimizing simple function of three variables fails. This theme doesn't honour the Doom legacy and prioritises storytelling over the gameplay. People will throw around terms like OpenGL is slow, Vulkan is way faster! Alex John. In OpenGL you can't do this because you rely on the implementation to do the appropriate locking and placing.

Intel hat den GPU-Treiber für Windows 7, 8.1 und 10 veröffentlicht, der als größte Neuerung eine Unterstützung für das Khronos-Grafik-API Vulkan mit sich bringt. Bisher gab es. doom opengl vs vulkan. doom opengl vs vulkan. Válasz 1: Az eredeti Doom játék OpenGL-t vagy DirectX-et használt? Dehogy. 1993-ban jelent meg, még mielőtt a DirectX létezett, és jóval azelőtt, hogy az OpenGL-t (amelyet előző évben tettek közzé) otthoni számítástechnikai célokra használtak. Akkoriban a normák szerint a DOOM egyéni szoftverfejlesztőt használt - a hardveres. Now, I do want to address DirectX12 in particular(I am avoiding Vulkan because our studio is not touching Vulkan or OpenGL with a barge pole). In general, what I see happening in the industry is, we push standards not because it's fun or exciting to do it. Okay some do, but we push standards because we encounter problems that the current technology cannot solve. Each iteration of DirectX. Vulkan versus DirectX 12: Valve sieht keinen Grund, DX12 zu unterstützen Quelle: Khronos Group 23.09.2015 um 15:15 Uhr von Mark Mantel - Valve hat auf der SIGGRAPH über DirectX 12 und Vulkan. Given Apple's track record with OpenGL, and its new focus on Metal, it is myspeculation that Vulkan will not be supported in OS X in the near future. Perhaps in a few years once Vulkan has had some additional development time and Apple sees how support for the new API plays out in the real world. The Vulkan 1.0 release was scheduled for 2015, but has missed that target

Doom OpenGL VS Vulkan Graphics Performance Analysis. John Williamson / 3 years ago. Next Page » Introduction. The Doom series popularised the first-person shooter genre and is still held in high. When I am using directX-11 to launch game, everygame has only 10-20 fps, but when I use vulkan to launch dota2 i have 100 fps, so whats the problem with my pc ; g & Culture — Vulkan benchmarks: A. Vulkan vs dx12 vs OpenGL. The short precis might be, that Vulkan is the pass-platform low-stage API placed out by using the Khronos organization, the institution that handles the pass-platform OpenGL API. as a substitute, Vulkan is to OpenGL as DirectX 12 is to DirectX 11 . Vulkan vs dx12 siege. The boost to at least 1% low with Vulkan which means that the dips in overall performance are lower.

Doom benchmarks return: Vulkan vs

Recently DOOM was updated with Vulkan support, so boot DOOM up and you'll be given a choice of two options - the older OpenGL 4.5 or the newer Vulkan. Vulkan is a low level API which builds on the. Es wurde vergessen zu erwähnen, dass die GTX 1080 bei 4K Auflösung unter Vulkan nicht etwa schneller, sondern langsamer wurde ;-) 4K sees the end of Pascal scaling with Vulkan, creating an effectively identical (but negative) scaling when switching from OpenGL to the Vulkan API If you actually read what I was saying, I just want to see if there is the same IQ using Vulkan vs OpenGL. Just because myself and a majority of the PC market runs Nvidia hardware does not mean we all want to see AMD fail. In fact I feel alot of Nvidia users including myself want to see them start to compete like this again with Nvidia in all areas, then we won't be left with one option in the.

Dabei seit Aug. 2004 Beiträge 7.463. On AMD, Vulkan makes the game run as if you had a PC from the future. DOOM benefits greatly from Vulkan - Vulkan versus OpenGL Performance Comparison July 11, 2016 John Papadopoulos 128 Comments id Software has just released a new patch for DOOM Besuche ComputerBase wie gewohnt mit Werbung und. OpenGL still has the potential to hold its head high when weighed against Vulkan in terms of draw calls per second, and also when it comes to general driver overhead. a) Recent OpenGL extensions. Setup. Vulkan is supposed to ease the load on CPU and work more on the GPU to gain more FPS. But on Doom 2016 I'm getting low GPU usage and really high CPU usage (100% basically on all cores) to reach only 80 FPS at 1440p, while on OpenGL I'm getting 120 FPS 1440p and more on the same exact area with same settings applied Doom benchmarks return: Vulkan vs. OpenGL. This is done by finding the 97 percentile (the value where 97 percent of frames render faster, using the frame times) and then selecting the remaining three percent of frames and finding their average fps (total number of frames divided by seconds)

DOOM (2016): OpenGL vs. Vulkan? Doom (2016) I have been flipping back and forth between the two. It seems like with Vulkan I get some odd crashes (such as when using the Steam in-game browser), OpenGL seems more stable. Vulkan gets crazy higher frame rates though. I am running a GTX 970 OC'd. What do you. AMD vs Nvidia - DX11, Vulkan and Opengl comparison tests Those GPU's are overkill for. Vulkan is neither proprietary nor vendor-specific. It is actually developed by exactly the same group as OpenGL, with the intent of creating an API that reflects hardware realities of today rather than the hardware realities of 1992. OpenGL won't go away any time soon. At worst, it will be a compatibility layer to translate calls to Vulkan, but. I remember when DOOM came out in 2016, initialy the API was OpenGL, then they updated the engine to use Vulkan, an improvement but with some little lags (at least on my hardware), but now is better with DOOM Eternal. Other case with DX11 and DX12 was Battlefield 1, with DX12 was not a good combination, now the opposite with Metro Exodus, better perfomance under DX12 than DX11. I guess is. Since you know about it, set it to 0 and it will launch Doom in OpenGL. You can then run the Demo in OpenGL instead of Vulkan. If you like the Demo in OpenGL then please purchase the game and when you purchase the game Vulkan should run fine on Adrenalin 17.12.2 Driver. If it does not work then ask Steam for a refund. The only difference you will see in Vulkan is higher FPS versus OpenGL, and. doom opengl vs vulkan. Odpověď 1: Použila původní hra Doom OpenGL nebo DirectX? Ani náhodou. Vyšlo v roce 1993, dříve než DirectX kdy existoval, a dlouho předtím, než bylo OpenGL (které bylo poprvé publikováno před rokem) používáno pro účely domácího počítače. Jak bylo v té době normou, DOOM použil softwarový vykreslovač na míru - hardwarová akcelerace a GPU.

doom opengl vs vulkan. ตอบ 1: เกม Doom ดั้งเดิมใช้ OpenGL หรือ DirectX หรือไม่ . Nope มันออกมาในปี 1993 ก่อน DirectX เคยมีอยู่และนานก่อน OpenGL Vulkan is the successor to OpenGL. The RX480 just performs marginally better when running games using the Vulkan API like Doom, but still does not outperform the 1060. PSU Tier List Thread . Please make sure to Quote me or @ me to see your reply! White Ice Ryzen 7 3700x | Asus Crosshair VIII Hero (Wi-Fi) | EVGA RTX 2080ti | Ballistix 32gb 16-18-16-36 3600mhz | Custom Water Cooling Loop | 1tb. Vulkan maintains its significant performance advantage over OpenGL, with Nvidia showcasing higher performance levels than their AMD counterparts in this test. Our ASUS GTX 1060 offers similar performance in both OpenGL and Vulkan, hinting that the game will deliver similar performance on both APIs if the system is not limited by factors outside of GPU compute Modern franchises including Arma, Call of Duty and Battlefield all take inspiration from Doom. The creator of X-Plane, Austin Meyer, recently featured in a video from Michael Brown that explains, at a basic level, three key parts of Vulkan that work better over OpenGL. The API is asynchronous and can therefore move some responsibilities, such as tracking resource dependencies, to the.

Doom OpenGL vs Vulkan 4K 60FPS i7 4790k GTX 1080 Ti - YouTubeGTX 1060 VS RX 480 12 Games Tested!! DX12, DX11, VulkanDOOM MSI GTX 1060 Vulkan vs OpenGL Frame Rate Benchmarks真的假的 ? DOOM 用了 Vulkan後,R9 280x 效能增加 123% ??? - Mobile01

Als eher interessant erscheint da schon die Vulkan-API, deren Performancegewinne gegenüber OpenGL (zumindest unter Doom) weit über das hinausgehen, was man normalerweise über Verbesserungen im CPU-Bereich erwarten kann - hier scheint sich (viel) mehr getan zu haben als zwischen DirectX 11 und 12. Hinzu kommt die bekannte Plattform-Unabhängigkeit von Vulkan - was doch langsam aber. Vulkan/OpenGL 4.5 Gaming Performance Vulkan/OpenGL 4.5 With Doom In Windowed Mode. When it comes to testing Doom's performance, the Vulkan vs. OpenGL comparison is an interesting one. DOOM Vulkan vs. OpenGL Benchmark - RX 480 Posts 30% Increase, GTX 1080 Mixed in Game Benchmarks. Monday, 11 July 2016 . Benchmarking in Vulkan or Dx12 is still a bit of a pain in the NAS, but. DOOM Vulkan vs. OpenGL Benchmark - RX 480 Posts 30% Increase, GTX 1080 Mixed. July 11, 2016. Game News . Vulkan API Now in DOOM, Promises Framerate Increase. July 11, 2016. Game Benchmarks. AMD. doom-vulkan-200fp doom opengl vs vulkan. doom opengl vs vulkan . Atsakymas 1: Ar originaliame Doom žaidime buvo naudojamas OpenGL ar DirectX? Ne. Jis išėjo 1993 m., Iki tol, kol neegzistavo DirectX, ir dar ilgai, kol OpenGL (kuris pirmą kartą buvo išleistas prieš metus) buvo naudojamas namų kompiuteriams. Kaip tuo metu buvo įprasta, DOOM naudojo pagal užsakymą sukurtą.

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